Tension increase during last days…

Hey there, I’m dealing again with writing in my blog and although the weather sucks, there is one thought in my head: Sun rays above rain showers, they will come soon! (I hope at least). As you know, there was a lot of pressure during the last days in the exams period and unfortunately I hadn’t so much time to write down my feelings and expressions. What’s new? Erm, the good news is that I have someone new in my private lesson! Her name is Jessi and she visits high school in Freiberg. Until now we had two lessons and everything is developing very well. She told me that there are severe issues with math and physics, so its my job to teach her the ‘mysteries’ about Pythagoras’ Theorem and electricity 🙂

Oh yes I already mentioned the weather – should I call it weather or better an random principle involving? What else… Fact is, there is something going really wrong directions in this country. The best example was today: I’ve started the day at 8 p.m. and turned on the tv – news! I skipped the worst part and returned at weather forecast. “Tuesday starts friendly and warm with temperatures about 12 to 20 degrees. Afternoon we’re expecting heavy showers and turbulencies […] ” WOWOWO HOLD ON!!! What do you god damn expecting when you say temperatures about 20 degrees? Turbulencies?

Everytime the same procedure. You wake up with shiny thoughts and mess up with rain, close your windows and hide out in a corner. I call you Zeuss, I want to order a huge piece of SUMMER! Delivery next few days please. Thanks. So far, Gökhan.

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