Gorp. Fark. Schmegle.

Ah lovely, who doesn’t know the famous scene in Two And a Half Men where Alan is speachless after realising Chelseas georgeos college friend Gail. And almost the same feelings going through my head right now with the subtle distinction that I am not speachless but on the edge of my seat with anticipation!

I will keep you up-to-date with any changes that will happen in the states. I’m still hoping that the hostel offers internet connection so I can write sth. about New York City. As you may already know, I’m going to spend the weekend (thursday included) at the host family and afterwards at the Dexter House Hotel in New York City. My plan is to check out the Malls and Diners at our first day and do some shopping. While we have the car just for one day (thursday to friday) it could be beneficial to drive through the area of Westport, CT and look for some nice places to catch with the camera. This will be fun!

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